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Enamel steel panel

Enamel steel panel is a kind of composite material which is made of high-quality steel panel and special function inorganic
nonmetal material by new electrostatic dry powder coating process and high-temperature firing, so that the high-quality
steel panel and special function inorganic coating have a strong chemical combination. Today, I'd like to share with you the
indispensable enamel steel plate in our life.

Enamel aluminum panel

01 Bright appearance

Enamel steel panel is widely used for its advantages of fire prevention, corrosion prevention, bright appearance,
easy cleaning and installation. And according to the demand, the color, pattern, size and other data can be customized.

Enamel steel panel

02 Powerful function

Enamel steel panel not only has the toughness and impact resistance of steel plate and other base materials, but also
has the characteristics of inorganic enamel layer, such as super acid and alkali resistance, durability, wear resistance, 

incombustible, easy to clean, beautiful and non radiation. Next, we will introduce its characteristics in detail.

Enamel steel panel

Anti corrosion: smoke test for more than 2000 hours.

Fire resistant: can withstand high temperature, safe and incombustible, class A1.

Acid and alkali resistance: can withstand strong corrosion of chemicals, acid resistance grade 1, salt water resistance, 

no rust, alkali resistance, no light loss.

Wear resistance: high hardness, no scratch when using and cleaning, Mohs hardness 6.

It is resistant to ultraviolet radiation for 30 years.

Beautiful: various colors, free deployment, strong cultural and artistic atmosphere.

Easy to clean: the surface is smooth and fine without pores, which can suppress the growth of bacteria and facilitate cleaning.

Environmental protection: no harmful ingredients, raw materials from minerals.

Enamel aluminum panel

03 Widely application

Because of the powerful function of enamel steel plate, it quickly became the representative of new decoration materials.
After it was introduced, it was widely used in the decoration of subway wall, tunnel wall, airport waiting hall, load-bearing 

column, building interior and exterior wall by the construction industry. It was used to build the safety of these crowded
places, to prepare for the rainy day and prevent the trouble in advance.

Enamel steel panel

Tuodeli enamel steel plate plays an important role in both practicality and aesthetics.

04 Product advantages

(1) Weather resistance: anti air pollution, anti ultraviolet, no fading;

(2) Corrosion resistance: acid resistance grade 1, salt water resistance, no rust, alkali resistance, no light loss;

(3) Fire resistance: safety and incombustibility grade A1;

(4) Beauty: colorful colors, strong cultural and artistic atmosphere;

(5) Designability: flexible modeling;

(6) Easy to clean: smooth and delicate, easy to clean;

Enamel steel panel

(7) Economy: 30 years of zero maintenance;

(8) Easy installation: three dimensional adjustable dry hanging, safe and firm;

(9) Non toxic, non-toxic, non-toxic, no radiation;

(10) High hardness: scratch resistant, abrasion resistant, no scratch, Mohs hardness 6;

(11) High temperature resistance and freezing resistance: no deformation, no falling off and no cracking of porcelain
       due to 40 ~ 100 ℃ heat shock;

(12) The enamel is made of green, acid and alkali resistant material. It is also a kind of hard, acid and salt resistant material.



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