Aluminum Door

  • Folding Door

    Folding Door

    ●We folding door may provide a aluminum folding door personalization and customization service on your specific needs.aluminum Windows and door can one-stop purchase in tuodeli that would save effort,save time and save money.
    ●New design heat insulation strip.upper side lower and internal seal gaskets protect door from being eroded and ensure good seal effect.
    ●Aluminum profile surface treatment,use PVDF coating 4D wood texture.
    Soundproof,heat resistant ,anti-ultraviolet radiation,durability,reliability.
    ●Wind resistance GB/T7106-2008 L:5(3.0≤P3≤3.5)
    Air impermeability GB/T7106-2008 L:5(2.0≥q1≤1.5)
    Water tight GB/GB/T7106-2008 L:5(500≤P≤700)
    Sound acoustic GB/T8485-2008 L:3(30≤Rw+Ctr≤35)

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  • 68 Heavy Folding Door

    68 Heavy Folding Door

    ●Easy installation, long service life, easy maintenance. Has been widely used in office, workshop, and large places of insulation, insect, dust, shelter and isolation applications.
    ●Wind resistance P34500 Pascal,water tight P>700 pascal ,air impermeability Q1<0.5[M3/(M.HO)],sound acoustic<30db.
    ●Heavy folding door is glass design have measures against the noise and the sound-insulating,excellent water proof effect.
    ●Sound insulation,thermal insulation,high transparent and beautiful can be effectively prevent hollow glass flooding water or glass fogging.
    ●Folding door use special anti-collision design,good reliability,anti-collision glue wool top,make the aluminum folding door silent and smooth persistence.

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  • Sliding Door

    Sliding Door

    ​●Two-way sealing structure design: the two-way sealing structure is set to completely block the air convection and reduce the heat conduction. In winter, it can prevent the cold air from entering the room and the loss of indoor heating.
    ​●Sliding aluminum door made of 6063 alloy high quality aluminum door surface treatment have good oxidation resistance,double ​layered tempered safety glass aluminum door,good performance sound insulation and heat insulation.
    ​●Handle and lock set was test tun 100000 times without failure,accessories can be customized.
    ​●Window 45 degree angle high accuracy splicing Germany machine precision cutting precision of 0.05mm.
    ​●Mute pulley accessories and a smooth sliding,no noise,smooth movement and wear resistance.
    ​●The production base with advanced and innovative technology and test equipment,adopt international leading production technology and management.
    ​●Aluminum doors products have exported to over 100 countries in the world.

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  • Slim Folding Door

    Slim Folding Door

    ●Slim folding door structure design are use norail suspension,the door can be easy fold and multiple combination.
    ●The aluminum folding door frame against the wall 55mm,folding door width size 36mm,the slim folding door are made from tempered glass.
    ●Doors surface wood colour use power coating wood paper transfer long lasting 10 years guarantee.
    ●Stander colour is:red walnut,cherry,white,red sandalwood.(customized colour are available on request)

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  • Hinged Door

    Hinged Door

    ●Many colour can be choose power coating,PE coating,PVDF coating,4D wood texture coating, electroplate coloring.The thickness of power coating ≥20um,in accordance with GB-5237,2-2008.
    ●Our hinged door it is acid resistant alkali resistant,salt oil corrosion resistant and ultraviolet radiation.
    ●Hinged door use place most is kitchen and toilet.
    ●10 years guarantee long lasting,handle and locker was test run 100000 times without failure.
    ●Colour,design,or glass pattern can be customized.

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